spherical_dsanchezburr3Hi Folks,

Its been a while since I last posted here about my work. The long hiatus is due in part to moving to Illinois and getting settled in. Artist/Faculty/Parents don’t have much time, so getting to art making and new work has been challenging. Nevertheless I have some new work coming up. One is a reincarnation of n o w h e r e r a d i o. This time it will go to Wisconsin to be part of the Art Farm DTour. This version is inspired by urban and agrarian communities that congregate biannually in Sauk County for Fermentation Fest. What these communities can learn from each other is substantial. As we look at the importance of independent regional farmers it is hard to dismiss the growing chasm between those who farm and consumers. This iteration is the most ambitious yet, composed of 16 handcrafted radio receiver towers placed in concentric patterns around a broadcasting booth. The broadcasting booth will invite the audience to speak into this sound field, a pre recorded sound piece will play in the background, and pre recorded interviews with Sauk County locals will be interspersed throughout the audio experience. The whole work is now solar powered and spans 150ft in diameter!

The exhibit will start on October 5 and end on October 14

Sauk County is located North West of Madison, Near the Wisconsin Dells:

Here is some information on The Wormfarm Institute and the Art Farm Dtour

Here is Some information on Fermentation Fest:

If you want to make a donation to this wonderful organization please visit:

All proceeds go to the organization.