PSi 19 in Stanford California









I will be performing a metasonic work at Stanford University as part of the Performance Studies International. For the event I am reincarnating an older work and modifying  it so fits in the rental minivan. I am going to take my musical cues from a record I bought in the 80’s called Oh My Gawd by the Flaming Lips. I did not know much about The Flaming Lips back then and I was never a huge fan throughout the years, but that record was a good one with incredible art work and I heard later that the band was heavily into experimental sounds and projects, which I think is super. The song I focus on is Everything’s Explodin’ mostly the interlude in the middle of the song. The song lyrics are about desensitization to catastrophe and the recourses some  take to deal with it, like drugs. The work I created for Stanford is a scale model of a dinner table that is built explicitly to fall apart. The work speaks of relationships built around the table and starts off with uniformity and symmetry, over the course of the performance we see fractures, separations, disarray. Members of the dinner party disappear, the table is coming apart, silverware and plates scatter all over the floor. In the end all that is left are a few remnants, and fading memory.

I have mixed feelings about this exhibit, the minimum charge to see the performances is $50.00, so I do not think that any of my friends, peers or colleagues will be there from the Bay Area, I pride myself in doing work that is accessible and have issues with exclusivity of this sort but I think its an important experience and will have the pleasure of seeing a lot of other performances of people that I am friends with, unfortunately I will miss Bruce Tomb on Saturday, his Maria Del Camino is something to behold. I will already be on my next adventure to Virginia.

Here is a link to the Performance Studies International

Here is a the cover art that inspired me to buy the album Oh My Gawd by the Flaming Lips Restless Records©