New Citadel

Still Documentation for New Citadel by David Sanchez Burr

Still Documentation for New Citadel by David Sanchez Burr

New Citadel

The  new exhibition is a set of activities that enables the creation, manipulation, movement, restructuring, deconstructing, contextualizing, destroying, archiving and retiring of a model city. New Citadel invites the cacophony of public opinions, to help shape a model of urbanization, to create buildings, pathways, circuses, arenas, places of work and recreation. We do not stop at mere design and production, we continue with the machining of the process of deterioration, the experiencing of dismaying power plays and politics, the constant reshuffling of systems and networks. We continue on to experience New Citadel’s demise, its archiving and its future as a prized architectural ruin. New Citadel is an experiment on urbanism as a democratically shaped experience, it will muddle through the melding of drastically differing ideologies to find common goals, its glorious failure will be forever remembered in archives. New Citadel will require a large number of contributors.

At the P3 Studio Art Residency

As part of the Art Production Fund at the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino

The Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas,  Nevada

Starting Friday August  21st

Ending Reception Saturday September 15th

Open Wednesday through Sunday 6pm to 11pm

Visiting Artist: Llyn Foulkes

An Inside View of the Barrick Museum

September 9th is significant. The inaugural lecture in 2013’s Fall Visiting Artist Lecture Series is due to start in the Barrick auditorium at 7 p.m. and the speaker will be Llyn Foulkes, creator of the multi-horned Machine, depicter of dead Mickey Mouses, “eclectic” — according to his website — his “eclectic oeuvre includes intriguing meditations on the nature of photographic images, a light romance with nostalgic Americana, savage portraits reminiscent of Francis Bacon and scathing commentaries on the insidious nature of commercial pop culture.” He occupied the Central Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale and earlier this year he was a presence at Documenta 13.

The complete list of artists and dates is available online at the Lecture Series’ blog.

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