Conversations: A talk about Alternative Spaces


I’ve been invited to participate in a talk about Alternative Spaces at the CAC, tomorrow at 6:00pm. I have some interesting stories about alternative spaces,  starting with my days in Richmond, Virginia.  That story involves a lot of amazing people: bands, visual artists, community activists, writers, punk rockers and a few junkies (but not too many). That project started with Murphys Law playing in our basement for two and a half hours and ended with six different law enforcement departments and the ACLU. I’ll save the full story for the talk. My most burning question about alternative spaces is how can today’s spaces be considered alternative if they lack contradiction to the establishment, what are they alternate to? Alternatives come from a questioning of established means and methods to expose work. Historically alternative spaces are  in contradiction or opposition to the curatorial direction of established institutions, businesses and governments. Alternative spaces can also fill in the gaps and bring new life to forgotten or under-exposed genres and practices  .  It seems twenty years after I started Citizen Gallery the paradigm and outlook of alternative spaces is much more complicated. Today you hear about most art spaces through a torrent of media frenzied homogenized social network posts that make it hard distinguish a potential radical alternative experience from a bourgie cocktail party in a SOMA loft. Should be an interesting talk.

Here is the info:


Thursday September 19 2013 at 6:00pm