Winchester Rehabilitation Project

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A few artists were invited to participate in a project meant to stabilize the Neighborhood of Winchester in Las Vegas. The rehabilitation and refurbishment of foreclosed homes in Winchester was to include an artist element that would distinguish the County project in the Neighborhood and act as a catalyst for Neighborhood growth.

After several ideas I developed a concept that I felt was emblematic of the potential community and social impact this project could provide. The concept primarily was to think about theĀ  common attributes of a neighborhood ( Transportation networks, utilities, public space, private space) in relation to its community (families, neighbors, cultures, language, history) I wanted to create spaces that blurred the lines between private and public to get people form the neighborhood to talk to each other andĀ  to have opportunities for interaction. Extending neighbors presence on the streets also increases the likelihood of exchange and two methods I decided were useful to these ends were gardening and sitting.

I proposes a series of multitiered raised gardening beds and interlocking rectangles. A design that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and symbolic of the Winchester Artist Project. The interlocking shapes symbolized the sharing of public/private spaces which has historically defined healthy neighborhoods. Through the embedded benches people could spend time outside in their neighborhood working the gardening beds or reading a book on the designed benches.

Elevated gardening beds are also ergonomically safe ways to garden and provide isolated environment where weeds and soil conditions can be easily monitored and maintained, they provide added value to the household as their presence often serves as an enhancing element to the property landscape. The gardening beds also serve as a means to conserve water by isolating the areas that need watering.

A total of eight different designs were made and finished.

A solar lighting feature design was also proposed but later rejected.


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