materialism-antagonism Saturday May 17th at Mas Attack

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Medium: Gypsum Crystal, Electronics, Electric Organ, Wood and Masonite. Dimensions 60” H x 56” L x 90” W
Performance Duration 8 minutes
Sound Collaboration with Stephen Hendee 

The work consists of a scale model sized crystal luxury dinner table that is deconstructed in the time span between 8 to 10 minutes. The sculpture kinetically degrades via electronic amplification and dissonant sound frequency emitted from a vintage 70’s organ. The work  critiques the influential class and its relation to the deterioration of democratic process. Antagonism being an instrument to counter this relationship amongst the disaffected.

The sound that accompanies this work is an improvised performance by the artist that uses sound to generate movement and deterioration of the structures. Stephen Hendee friend and colleague will be a collaborator in designing and producing the sound work for Mas Attack at Vast Spaces.


VAST space projects

727 Susanna Way, Henderson, Nevada 89011
Performance at 9:00pm