Desert Automation Coup D’état




I will be exhibiting and testing a new work in Torrance, California at the Torrance art Museum. Coup D’état V 1.0 is the first of many new custom made electronic devices intended to expand upon the interactive and automated nature of the Desert Automation series of  work. Desert Automation started in 2006 and are experimental works of art scattered around the desert around Las Vegas known only by GPS coordinates. These woks provided ample opportunity to study how a work “performs over time” in the rugged climate of the Mojave Desert, Coup D’état is what is brought back to “civilized society” as a response to the trials and errors thus far.

The desert, from an air conditioned vehicle hardly seems political, in our exploratory tourist journeys we gaze at the desert landscape as it floats by rhythmically, a sound synchronized with the periods of time it took to create.  The southwest desert is also a living museum of our attempts to dominate the landscape, and this effort is not only visible it is also heard. No where is land alteration more evident than Las Vegas and its surroundings. To the north(Sheep mountains), over 1000 atomic explosions, to the east(Sunrise Mountain and Frenchmen’s Bluff) a shrinking water supply, to the south(black hills) the ancestry of over a quarter of its citizens, working incessantly, and not allowed to integrate, to the west (Mt Charleston and the Spring Mountains) the motion pictures and their baggage. We stare with wonder at the decay of shelters once built to sustain life, decayed by the conditions in the desert, abandonment of efforts. We share a different awe when shiny new palaces are built to accommodate luxurious and decadent adventures, in a place notorious for hiding its secrets. Very few of us have any influence on the things that happen around us, our efforts seem microscopic in relation to the “big picture” There are no grand plans for when the show is over. Yet there is a democracy scattered in pieces and its re-engagement I feel is the answer.

A summary of our historical coordinates.

N. conviction: Nuclear Bombs

E.  a lifeline: Lake Mead

S. displacement: Immigration

W. news: Hollywood



Disturbing the rhythms of the desert and adding a new cacophony to the sanctuary of an ancient sound, Coup D’état is our recorder.

The crisis here is not understood.


Saturday August 9th 2014

at 6:00pm – 10:00pm


Show Map

TAM Torrance Art Museum

3320 Civic Center Dr N, Torrance, California 90503

A one-night-only evening of appreciation for artist’s artists – to facilitate networking and friendships, to introduce art lovers to new works and gallerists to new talent, like a giant informal ‘studio visit’.

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