Helen Keller Experience

Here is a neat project by my friend Yasmina Chavez


This is a permanently accessible compilation of sonically scored spaces. Like a musician who writes a ballad based on a personal relationship which then the listener applies to their love life to find significance, the composer/artist in “The Helen Keller Experience” creates a score for a room based on their experience and/or thoughts of a space that then the participant can apply to their own comparable place. This is an empirical experiment which posits experience of space as a simultaneously unique and standardized account. It is about the transference of significance through the recontextualisation of a setting via sound: a sonic exploration into how we place and interpret meaning from the objects and spaces that surround us both as maker and user.

Please download these tracks onto your music player, computer, cd, whatever you’d like and listen to them following any directions suggested by the artist/composers. But of course the possibility of changing any room anywhere is also tempting. We hope you enjoy. Thank you for seeing while listening!