Las Vegas, New Mexico and some exhibits.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I have been offered a position in the Media Arts Department at New Mexico Highlands University in a town near Santa Fe also called Las Vegas. Beginning next month I will be on interstate 40 running back and forth from two different Las Vegas’s in order to be teaching in New Mexico this fall. I will miss certain aspects of living in Las Vegas, not the heat, and will miss a lot of people. I needed to have a change and the opportunity presented itself. I am looking forward to the new experiences and hope to share new enthusiasm and new work inspired by another area of the south-west.

The Last 9+ years in Las Vegas Nevada were as much an indescribable journey as they were difficult and wonderful. I was able to extend myself fully in my art practice in a place where the contrasts are sometimes so high that it is impossible to un-see the consequences of our times. I often said that Las Vegas is america’s culture with bigger loudspeakers, brighter lightbulbs, this is a research bed for quick capitalism, service oriented, amazing margins and the luxury culture is rented at bargain prices, at least while the good times last. The stark contrasts of the poor and the 1%, the desert and the encroaching urbanization. Visual Technology and the smartest bird on the planet (the grackle), home to the Bigelow inflatable space hotel factory and the three foot margarita. Coordinated fountains and a depleted lake, nuclear bombs and America’s largest beetle. The span of time can be described in the most apt Las Vegas form: my time here was between the implosions of the Stardust and the Riviera.

I owe a lot to the visual phenomenon as well as the cultural and social dynamics I learned about in Las Vegas. Finding a companion to share my life with and having a child are the two standout accomplishments here, and with them I have gained much more and I am much richer in my life as I leave this Las Vegas to move on to the next.

Here are some current exhibits I am involved in, I will be making a small book of writings about my experience in Las Vegas accompanied by a collection of audio works of the same period. I you are interested in receiving this collection via snail mail let me know, so I know how many I should print.

Basin and Range Exhibit
Donna Beam Gallery at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas through September 15th

Basin and Range

Recent Acquisitions at the Marjorie Barrick Museum
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Through September 15th

A tribute to constant

An Odyssey, at the Torrance Art Museum
Torrance, California. A fundraiser on September 12th.

an oddyssey

Riviera Bon Voyage, at Blackbird Studio
Las Vegas Nevada August 7th – August 31st

riviera hotel

International Symposium for Electronic Arts 2015 Disrupt
Emily Carr University Vancouver, Canada August 14-18