Some new work coming up.



A new work  The Issosymetry; I miss you will be exhibited in North Carolina, one night only in Chapel Hill.

The artwork was conceived as a response to the increasing displacement of masses and the refugee crisis as symptoms of global economies and inequality.

Migration, is often coupled with a split from loved ones and familiar environments, many have felt this estrangement to be  difficult and lonely. In experiencing it myself I decided to re-contextualize it with the advent of technology that has made migrations become both less distant and mechanically digitized. The encoded streams are transport systems for feelings, a translation and mechanized version of emotion. Communication systems become elementary tools for the prosperity of global economics and transmitters of an increasingly sophisticated personal messaging system.  The message “I miss you”  belted out by Brian Mcmahon the lead singer of Slint, a seminal rock band of the 90’s,   is a universal message, it relates in a general way to my experiences, and it relates specifically to all those who have left someone behind.

February 12 2016 from 6 to 11pm in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina

My exhibit will take place at Light Art + Design

601 W. ROSEMARY ST., Chapel Hill, NC

… More news. 
NMHU Media Arts students will be highly involved in the design of a museum soundscape, creating IR sensor audio devices, and creating a hologram room for the Fractured Faiths Exhibition at the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe, I am very excited for them. 
Collaborations on the horizon  with the Hatchery  Cairo and Munich are calling for an online participatory event in April, more news on this will be forthcoming.  
A new version of New Citadel will be constructed for the Nevada Museum of Art for Exhibition in August more on New Citadel here.
Next release of the Autohypnosis series from Spain by Pedro Bericat will be released this year, one of my audio works will be included in the mix.
Always and ever active Checko Salgado has one of my works included in his Basin and Range Exhibit, more on this here
Oscillations: 36 37 02 N 114 20 41 W at the site of Michael Hiezer’s Double Negative can be viewed here.
Hope all is well with you and I wish you the very best new year.
David Sanchez Burr